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Warheads Blue Raspberry Blizzard Cube Gummy Candies Are The Perfect Bit Of Mildly Sour And Wildly Sweet That You Crave

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My kids and I love to fight over sour candy. It is our FAVORITE, and we like to see who can handle the most sourest of the sour candy.

Now, Warheads has given us a NEW sour candy to fight over.

Warheads Blizzard Cubes Gummy Candy is just the bit of sour (and then sweet) candy that we love!


These insanely sour (and then sweet) cubes of chewy candy are flavored like blue raspberry, and come in one of those HUGE movie theater style boxes.


Kick the winter blues with this limited edition all BLUE raspberry box of Warheads Cubes! These mildly sour, wildly sweet gummy candies are packed in a theater box size that is ideal for stocking stuffing, sharing, or snacking.


I don’t know what Santa has planned for YOUR house this Christmas Eve, but I had a nice long talk with the jolly head elf of Christmas, and he is going to fill our stockings with these Warheads Blue Raspberry Blizzard Cube Gummy Candies.


They are limited edition, so you have to stock up on these goodies when you see them.

Only a buck?!? That just might be the best deal you find all holiday season long!


The price of these Warheads Sour Blizzard Cubes is even less painful than trying to pucker your way through all the sweet, sour, and fabulous candies! Each box is only about a buck — if you can believe it!!

You can get these tasty Warheads Blue Raspberry Blizzard Cube Gummy Candies on the Walmart website.


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