Mountain Dew’s Mystery Halloween Soda Is Coming To Stores This Month and I’m So Excited

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Ahhhh I am so excited! I wait for this launch every year!

Mountain Dew’s Halloween Soda 2021 is coming soon as in, this MONTH (August) and I’m so excited!

MTN DEW is releasing the latest iteration of its limited-time only flavor, MTN DEW Voo-Dew™, for a third year in a row of chilling flavor mystery.

This new offering will leave taste buds scrambling as fans desperately try to solve the flavor mystery. Step into the unknown and take a sip of the new Voo-Dew™. 

In past years we’ve had flavors such as Candy Corn and Fruit Candy Explosion. So, it’s anyone’s guess what this year will be.

Those who believe they’ve uncovered the mystery are encouraged to share their flavor guesses on social media using #VOODEW and tagging @MountainDEW. 

You’ll be able to snag the new flavor Beginning August 30th at your local grocery store for as long as supplies last.

So, what do you think this year will hold?!

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