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Move Over Starbucks, Walmart Is Selling Color Changing Cups For $5 and I Need Them

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As we all know, Starbucks has recently just released their newest color changing cups and already, many store locations are sold out of them!

I can say that I saw this coming from how popular their first round of color changing cups were; although I think this time around, the cups sold out even faster!


However fear not, you still can purchase similar color changing cups and they’ll cost you less out of your pocket too!


Currently, Walmart is selling color changing cups and they only cost $4.98!

Sold in a pack of four, you can choose between a pattern or just solid colors!

Courtesy of Walmart

The solid colors, which are the most similar to the Starbucks brand, include the colors hot pink, lime green, blue and orange, definitely all Summer colors!

Courtesy of Walmart

Thankfully, Walmart’s brand of color changing cups are still in stock and you can purchase them here, but I’m predicting that the product won’t last much longer!

Courtesy of Walmart

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