Aldi Is Selling $13 Bottles Of Mango Margarita Wine And I’m Ready To Sip On Some

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Aldi Awesome Find Alert!!

Courtesy of drinkrancho on Instagram

Let’s be honest, EVERY find from Aldi is awesome. They can just do no wrong!

This, though, is PERFECTO for summer! Can you say Mango Margarita in a bottle?!?

We found it, right on the shelves of Aldi. This mango margarita drink is actually a wine, but you will feel just like you are sipping on a fruity margarita on a white-sand beach in Mexico.


That sounds GLORIOUS, does it not?!?

After being stuck inside for seventy eleven days, I can sure use a little vacation — even if it’s in my mind, with a margarita in my hand.


TECHNICALLY, this drink is called a Ready-To-Drink Mango Margarita Wine Cocktail, but let’s be real. It will do the same job as the tequila-based beverage, and it is just as tasty!

This tasty cocktail in a bottle will run you about 13 bucks, and is TOTALLY worth it.


As soon as this social distancing mess is over, this drink would be PERFECT for a summer party!

You just need to pick up a couple bottles of this Ready-To-Drink Mango Margarita, grab some of the Beach Colada, and you will be set to party. YUM!!


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