Aldi Is Selling A $7 Container That Will Keep Your Guacamole Fresh And I Need It

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I LOVE avocados. So much, that when I was pregnant, I think I was eating at least 3 a day. But the frequent problem? They brown SO stinking fast! But I may have found a solution!


Say hello to the Fresh Guacamole Keeper, now available at Aldi! Aldi is just becoming more and more appealing by the second.


I never was really keen on shopping there, but between this and the Huge Boxed Sangria they are offering, this may end up being my new favorite store!


But let’s focus on our newest find…the fresh guacamole keeper. The fresh keepers work by closing the container with a specialty seal meant to keep in the freshness and keep out air.


It holds around four cups of guacamole and guarantees it works for days. It’s also dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about hand-washing it after each use.


And they only cost $6.99! Talk about worth it!

Those who have purchased it already swear by it.

On an Instagram post by @aldi.mademedoit, users say the product definitely does what it claims: “I tried it and it made the guac last longer for sure!” one person wrote. “Tip, make sure you push down evenly on all the sides,” said another.

Sounds easy enough!


I know that I’m excited about this find and plan to grab one for myself! How about you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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