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Jack Daniel’s Southern Peach Is Here and I’m Stocking Up

Y’all. It’s peach season — one of my favorite seasons of the year!!

Give me ALL the peach things: Cobbler, Starbucks Drinks, Cinnamon Rolls, AND NOW — Southern Peach Jack Daniels.

Courtesy of Walmart

I’m not usually a fan of Jack. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE adult beverages, but whiskey isn’t my poison of choice — unless it’s the Fire Whiskey.


BUT — I am DEFINITELY willing to give the Southern Peach Jack Daniels a go!

Jack Daniel’s describes it as:

Southern Peach pairs the juicy sweetness of peach with the flavor of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with just a hint of citrus. It is a malt liquor with a similar amount of alcohol as most beers. It is one of our most popular flavors.

OMG! Pair it with all the peach things. YUMM-O!! Can you imagine spiking your Starbucks Peach Beverage with a bit of Peach Jack Daniels?!?

Did you know, this Southern Drink first came out in 2017. *GASP* How did I not know until now?

This Peach Jack Daniels is a malt beverage with natural peach flavoring. Um — yes, please!

You can get this yummy peach flavor Jack across the U.S. and Canada, and it comes in packs of 6 10-ounce bottles.

Courtesy of Walmart

At 4.8% ABV per drink, it is the PERFECT summer sip!

Courtesy of Total Wine

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

If you love peach, you have GOT to check out this Peach Compote French Toast. It is so stinkin’ good!!

French Toast With a Peach Compote

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