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Here’s Why Stores Ask for Your Phone Number or Email At Checkout

You’re at the grocery store checking out and the cashier just asked for your phone number.

Whether you’re checking at the grocery store, your favorite clothing place or even at the pharmacy, more and more stores have continued to ask for phone numbers or email addresses, but why?

Apparently, department stores, grocery chains etc., most likely are asking for your cell number or an email because of company policy.

So if you do decide to give out your phone number or email address, your information is typically used by the store to look up your address to send coupons in the mail or even special offers in hopes you return.

However, if you prefer to keep your phone number or email address private, that’s okay, and here’s how to politely decline.

Before declining to give out your phone number or email, you can ask the cashier a few questions on why the information is needed.

Their answer, may even just persuade you on giving it out in the end!

Although, if you have still decided to not give out your cell phone number or email address, you can always respectfully decline a store’s loyalty reward program to keep any personal information private.