An Instacart Delivery Driver Went Out Of Her Way to Get An Item On A Families List and My Heart Is Full

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Good things still happen. Even during a pandemic, there are still awesome people in this world.

This story will melt your heart. For real. Check it out!

The other day, Michelle Hulen logged on to Instacart, and ordered her groceries to be delivered — as so many of us are doing these days.

Her Instacart shopper, Jenny, tried to find everything on the list, but when she got to “Sidewalk Chalk,” she was only able to pick up a small box for Michelle and her family.

When Jenny pulled up to the house, she noticed the beautiful chalk drawing Michelle’s kids had been working on in the driveway.

Now, Jenny and Michelle don’t know each other. Jenny delivers groceries for Instacart, that’s the only way they have “met.”


BUT, later on in the day, Jenny was at Aldi, and happen to see a big package of sidewalk chalk.

She immediately remembered the chalk drawings she had seen earlier at Michelle’s house, and thought about the fact that she could only find those kids a small container of chalk.

Jenny took it upon herself to buy Michelle’s family the BIG package of sidewalk chalk from Aldi, and took it back by their house a few days later.

Jenny didn’t expect anything in return. She just dropped off the chalk with a note.

Courtesy of Michelle Bryan Hulen on Facebook

Hello, My name is Jennifer Cummins and I work for Instacart. I delivered your order a few days ado. While shopping for your order I was only able to find very small sidewalk chalk. When I dropped your order off I saw the beautiful artwork your kids (I am guessing) did with the chalk. Later that day I found this chalk at Aldi. I wanted them to have it but wasn’t able to bring it until today. I hope it is ok that I am leaving this gift for them. Have a blessed day! Sincerely, Jenny

Jennifer Cummins, Instacart Driver

Oh my heart! Thank you, Jennifer Cummins, for being so amazingly selfless and making a family’s whole day.

See the post by Michelle Hulen, below.


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