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Here’s How You Can Use Your Dog’s Paw Print To Make Art While Stuck Inside

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I have 4 dogs, most of them are pretty ok with this whole stay-at-home thing, one is not.

I have been working extra hard to keep her busy and keep her mind working.


Anyhow, I was browsing Facebook yesterday and came across this brilliant idea!

It is perfect for Spring and actually looks pretty dang beautiful! I can do it with all of the dogs and the kids too!

Yes, I am going to do art with my dog and I’m pretty excited about it! Us crazy dog people right?

You can use your dogs painted paws to make a beautiful spring flower painting!


Now, Furiosa is pushing 130lbs, so this could go really bad. She is still a puppy and I can just imagine her storming through my house with giant painted paws!

So I’ll have to wait for a nice day and take this project outside for sure!


If you plan to do this, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A dog’s paw
  • Paint (Tempera or water-based paints are best as they tend to be non-toxic)
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper

All you need to do is paint the paw of your dog (while also trying to keep them calm) and put it straight down onto the paper for a few seconds.


Once done, lift the paw straight up and wash it.

Once the paw parts are done, you can turn them into flowers using a paint brush. Add some stems, leaves and details to make them look like paw print flowers!


Have you ever done this? I cannot wait to give it a try!


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  1. It was wonderful and cute I would love to it but they are so much bigger than me. Your’s are very Beautiful ♥️. Thank You So Much!

  2. You can use the ink pade that they step on no ink on them but it is on the other side of the pad.

    1. For everyone wondering how to do this without paint. A friend of mine simply got her pups feet wet and partially dried them off so they werent dripping and made a print then just painted the print before it dried. Works best with colored or grey construction paper. Hope this helps!

  3. Um, unless my vet says thus is ok to do, I would not do it. Maybe mild food coloring, or child’s fingerpaint that is nontoxic..to humans. Chk with vet first

    1. They do state in the article which ones are best since they’re nontoxic. (They include water based paint….which is what children’s fingerpaints are)..?

      1. The trouble is some people might miss the part that mentions ‘non toxic paint’, or disregard it anyway. Some dogs have died from owners painting them. It should be mentioned in big bold print!

  4. But what do you do if your dog has long hair? We have a Wheaton Scottie who has bone cancer and will not be with us much longer and I’d love to do a painting with her paw❤️?

    1. Use hair gel to smooth hair out of the way. It washes out easily.

    2. Push the fur upward and hold it in place with a girls scrunchee or small pony tail holder. But do not twist tight, just enough to hold in place

      1. Slip knee hi pant hose over legs to hold hair back: just a small clip to let paws through!

  5. What about just putting thin barrier, of Vaseline or whatever you choose that’s safe for dog, then do non-toxic paints? Just idea.
    Make sure you’re getting their paws cleaned extra good between paintings.
    Also you can Google how to make your own home paints, did that with granddaughter last summer.

  6. I’ve done paw paintings with my dogs. I get non toxic children’s fingerprint. The I give them a bath when I’m done

  7. Not a good idea. Non-toxic paints means non-toxic when used as directed. Many pigments (the coloring agent in paints) are made from heavy metals which collect in the blood stream and liver if ingested or breathed and can even absorb through skin exposure. If you don’t thoroughly understand paint chemistry, and toxicity levels to dogs, don’t do it.

    1. Thank you for that! I was excited to do this until I read your comment. Do you know of a safe natural way to do this?
      Thank You,

      1. thank you , Is there anything else than can be used?

      2. Maybe the food colours people use on cakes and biscuits. Still check the ingredients are safe for dogs as there are many foods that dogs must not consume, but are safe for people.

      3. Try using natural food color, as in beets. Blueberries. Cherries, spinach, etc.
        Thats what Im going to use!

    2. What about using children’s paints? The washable ones?

    3. There is a fabulous product..Unicorn Spit.Read their blog..youll never want to use another ‘paint’ Google it!

      1. Where do u get unicorn spit.She has a totally awesome idea and I want to try it

    4. I thought the same thing & cringed when I read it. I hv Celiac Disease, & to say “Tempera & water based paints are best, as they tend to be non-toxic” sounds as dangerous to me as “processed Thai food from Thailand is best, as it tends to be gluten free.” I would not put anything on my dogs’ paws that I had not verified was absolutely safe to be on their paws. ?❤️?

  8. This is PRICELESS & SOOOOOOO CREATIVE. Thank U for the idea. Got to do this one…

  9. I think this is a great idea. But I have a puppy and he is a Chihuahua yeah, his name is Willy. And when he’s not terrorizing our cat or bugging the old dog of our family, he’s constantly getting into absolutely everything he can fine. So I might just have to try this. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Use Natural fruits or Veggies like beets, strawberries
      , something that has color

      1. Yes but be careful I think beets stain so do it outdoors.What kind of paper do u use

  10. This would make a fantastic tat! Saving this!