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Netflix Just Released the First Look At ‘Squid’ Game’ Season 2

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Red light, green light… 

We’re only a month into 2024 and Netflix has just announced huge news!

Courtesy of Noh Juhan / Netflix

Since the series Squid Game released in 2021, the most watched show on the streaming platform has had hundreds of thousands of fans waiting for any type of announcement for season two. 

And considering good things come to people who wait, Netflix has finally given us a first look into season two of Squid Game

Courtesy of Noh Juhan / Netflix

With less than a 30 second look into season two, we can safely say that this next chapter looks fierce, even though Netflix has only given us exactly 16 seconds to watch.

As Netflix has previously shared in an announcement on social media, we know that season two will include an entire new round, but that’s where Netflix stops their sentence. 

Courtesy of Noh Juhan / Netflix

A new round of what? 

Is it safe to assume that this “new round” will include kids games? 

Courtesy of Netflix

We also know that Gi-hun, the winner of Squid Game will be returning, along with The Front Man who will be making a comeback appearance as well, per the announcement

It was also noted that the man in the suit with ddakji might return, along with a new character that will be introduced too; enter, Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su.

Courtesy of Netflix

Now fast-forwarding to Netflix’s first look into season two, we only see one character in the spotlight in this 16 second clip. 

With his newly dyed red hair, the character we see is speaking on the phone with The Front Man, and is told that he will regret his decision, whatever that may be. 

Courtesy of Noh Juhan / Netflix

But of course the winner of Squid Game isn’t going to back down so easily, considering his response and I quote is, “I will find you.” “No matter what it takes.” 

Welcome back to Squid Game, Gi-hun; and you can also watch the first look into season 2 of Squid Game, here.

Courtesy of Netflix

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