Here’s 11 Things Starbucks Baristas Want You To Know

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If your morning routine always includes a stop at Starbucks before clocking in, here are several tips to make your morning cup of Joe better, (than what it already is).

Thanks to Facebook account @Natalie & The Aguilars who shared several tips from a Starbucks’ barista that you can find below, let’s start off with what you should be ordering if you’re looking for more caffeine during the work week.

11 Things Starbucks Baristas Want You To Know

Blonde Espressos are a great way to sip on more caffeine, plus, the benefits of ordering a Blonde Espresso is that the roast, is less bitter.

Although if you’re taste buds seem to crave something sweeter during the week like a Frappuccino, just keep in mind that these beverages don’t have espresso in them, but rather what’s called a frap roast.

However, did you know that you can always add shots to your Frap?

The only time where this customization isn’t available are for espresso Frappuccinos, as these drinks already get one shot for every size.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Have you also ever wondered what the difference is between a ristretto shot and a long shot?

Well according to this barista, ristretto shots contain less water, while long shots retain more water in your drink.

Courtesy of Starbucks

For example, those yummy Flat Whites that add in an extra shot of espresso are ristretto!

Now for some random facts about certain Starbucks’ drinks, the coffee giant’s Caffè Misto’s are half hot coffee and half steamed milk.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Their Caramel Macchiatos, yes you know the one, are actually made with vanilla syrup, not caramel, and are prepared with one less pump of syrup compared to other drinks on the menu.

Plus, if you’re looking to taste extra caramel in your cup, ask the barista for a caramel drizzle and not a “caramel wall”.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Oh, and speaking of vanilla syrup, Starbucks’ hot chocolates are no longer made with vanilla syrup, sorry vanilla fans!

Courtesy of Starbucks

And as for Starbucks’ food, it’s best to remember that the chain’s food comes pre-packaged, which means baristas can only take off items and not swap out.

Also, not every Starbucks is a fresh market store, which means not all chains have bananas, parfaits, etc.

And as for Starbucks’ products, it is not the workers fault if some products are not in stock.

Sometimes when an item is ordered, it gets zeroed out and ends up not being sent to the store per the social media post!

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