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You Can Get A Corgi Succulent Planter That Is So Cute, I Need It

It’s no secret that I love dogs. All dogs! I’ve never owned a Corgi, but if I had to name one of the cutest floof butts there were in all the world of dog floof butts, it would totally be a Corgi!

This little ceramic planter is perfect for your favorite succulents, cactuses, and air plants! It looks just like an adorable little sleeping Corgi! After all, sleeping is what dogs love to do, kind of like me!


It’s made of ceramic and is a solid one piece. It doesn’t come with any accessories, so you will have to provide your own plants, soil, and rocks.

Some people are even using them for candles and others are using it as a cute trinket dish! The size makes it useful for so many things, but plants are where it’s at! It measures 7 cm by 13.5 cm.


It would fit perfectly on a window sill, or on a counter. I think it would be adorable on a bathroom counter.

You can get your very own adorable floofer butt sleeping Corgi for only $34.84 from GeorgeFlowerArt on Etsy! I kind of want to start my own collection of dog planters with succulents now!