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These Swans Became Addicted To Poppies And Ended Up Becoming Too High To Fly Away

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These poppy farmers in Slovakia are dealing with a unique situation…

There is a group of swans living in the fields of one Slovakian town that have become “drug addicts,” and refuse to leave the poppy fields.

The swans descended upon the poppy field, tore up the flowers, decimated the fields, and then became too high to fly away.

And, now they WON’T fly away, because they are addicted to the opium alkaloids in the poppy seeds.

What are opium alkaloids? According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, that’s where we get morphine, codeine, and thebaine.

Pretty heavy stuff — and the birds are straight up addicts when it comes to these poppy fields in southwestern Slovakia’s Komarno.

I mean, I don’t know whether to be appalled and worried, or if I should laugh until I cry.

You have to see these birds trying to fly away. *LOL* *Sad Emoji*

What Can Be Done About These Stoned Swans?

According to the Indian Express, “swans are a protected species in Slovakia.” There is nothing the farmers can do to forcefully remove the swans from the poppy fields.

They can chase the birds — but the swans are too stoned to fly away.

Here is another kicker for the poppy farmers. The swan devastation is not covered by private insurance or the government. The farmers are pretty out with these swans that are getting ripped on their poppy crops.

The swans are tearing up the fields and costing these farmers tons of money, and there is basically nothing the farmers can do about it. They can’t do anything that would hurt the swans, and they can’t get reimbursed for the destruction that these birds are causing.

Animal rescuers and volunteers have tried to relocate the birds away from the poppy fields, hoping they could get them to detox. But, what happens if they get clean and then go right back to the fields?

To see these doped up birds in action you can check them out on TikTok HERE and on Twitter HERE.

What do you think? Super sad or hilarious?

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