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Applebee’s Is Selling Giant Holiday Cocktails For Just $5 And I’m On My Way

I am always looking forward to the seasonal cocktail releases from Applebee’s! They actually have two new holiday cocktails right now and I can not wait to try them!


It’s been a bit since I have been out anywhere and enjoyed a cocktail! However, I think this just sealed the deal and I am going to be headed out to try them!

Applebee’s is calling them the $5 Sleigh Bell Sips and they are HUGE! You might need to hold on to these with two hands, I mean, they call it a “Mucho glass” for a reason!

The first one is called the Berry Merry Colada and this one is seriously calling my name! It’s a tropical piña colada twist and strawberry swirl that is made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Midori!

The second one is called Reindeer Punch and of course, I have to give this one a try too! It’s made with Smirnoff Vodka, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sweet & sour, and cherry. It is the season of the cranberry right?

You can already order these at participating Applebee’s. In some areas, you can even order them to go!

If you’ve already tried them, let me know what you thought! They both sound absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try them both!