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You Can Get Mini Starbucks Ornaments That Are Filled With Hot Cocoa Packets To Hang On Your Tree

All I want for Christmas are Starbucks mini Hot Cocoa Ornaments!

Courtesy of Walmart

Starbucks has a line of mini ornaments that are the exact design of the cups you can get when you order a hot coffee except stuffed, with hot cocoa and peppermint hot cocoa!

Better yet and if I haven’t said it enough already, these creative holiday gifts are ornaments so you can hang the fun on your tree to make your Christmas Tree a hot cocoa theme. In fact, I’m declaring it a hot cocoa Christmas!

Courtesy of Walmart

Each Starbucks cup has either a Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa pack or a Peppermint flavored Hot Cocoa pack and if you don’t prefer to hang beverages on your tree this year, you can always use them as stocking stuffers!

Courtesy of Walmart

You can currently get the mini Starbucks Hot Cocoa ornaments on Ebay for just about $20 for a pack of 6 red and green ornaments!

Courtesy of Walmart

Although let me just say, that if you are planning on hanging these adorable and mini Starbucks cups on your Christmas Tree this year, don’t forget to include the candy cane ornaments; it’ll complete the look and the aesthetic of the hot cocoa theme, you’re welcome!

Courtesy of Ebay

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