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You Can Get Rechargeable Hand Warmers For The Person That’s Always Cold

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It’s me… I am the person that is always cold, well unless it’s a Texas summer day, then I’m way too hot.

But as winter is creeping in on us, the temperatures are dropping and the wet rainy days have moved in… I am freaking cold!

Like right now I am doing everything I can to stay warm because it is raining outside and my body is freezing, especially my fingers and hand.

If you or someone you know gets cold easily or are like me and have Raynaud’s syndrome, this is needed!

I wear gloves in my house, even while I type this I am in layers of clothing, wearing a winter hat, thick socks, and GLOVES… in Texas.


This little device isn’t just a handwarmer, it’s also an emergency backup battery!


The quick hand warmer and power bank 2-in-1 is the gift we didn’t know we needed.

It’s perfect for anyone that gets cold, or maybe they work outside, or maybe they are a hunter.


It’s completely safe and has a built-in system of intelligent protection with a safeguard of power on, short circuits, and overloading.


This little powerhouse device is also shockproof, anti-scald, anti-skid, explosion-proof, radiation-free, green, and healthy heat transfer.

I bought this warmer because for some reason my hands never warm up always cold , the warmer is great , it has 3 heat levels , which is great , and it you can charge your phone with it anywhere… it’s cute and it’s light and you can reuse it …

saloua – Amazon customer review

It’s made of premium aluminum and ABS, with an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery.


The handwarmer is double side heated with 3 different heat settings depending on how cold you actually are, and it takes only seconds to heat up.


Three temperature choices

  • 104~113℉ (40~45℃)
  • 113~122℉ (45~50℃)
  • 122~131℉ (50~55℃)

There are 3 indicator lights that show you the heating status as well as the remaining battery life so that you know when it needs to be charged.

Perfectly portable so that you can take it with you anywhere such as sporting events, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, literally ANYWHERE.


The 5200mAh capacity can give your phone a full charge with a USB cable.

You can order your own Rechargeable Hand Warmer on Amazon!


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