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Well, the husband is on vacation. My job is now not to bombard him with stuff he needs to do! hehe think I can do it? I am going to try really hard. I don’t know if I am going to be able to do it though haha! I can think of a zillion things he needs to do… but not this week… just keep saying it with me… not this week… not this week…

On a different note…I have been working on my puzzle pieces for the puzzle swap on my board. This is my all time favorite puzzle piece ever. It is supposed to be a where you’re from puzzle piece, and I am from Texas so this is my puzzle version of the Texas flag. I used to always make a giant glitter Texas flag for open house with my kiddies, and that was my total inspiration on this one. Besides, nothing says Texas like glitter! YeeHaw!

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  1. YEEHAW! I love that puzzle piece… it is awesomeness!

    Oh, and when you get the urge to bombard Keet, just call me & we shall chat on the phone till the thought passes! 🙂

    Luff you!