Move Over S’mores, Roasting Soft Pretzel Bites With Cheese Over The Fire Is The New Trend

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Two crispy graham crackers stuffed with melted milk or dark chocolate and a fire roasted, burnt marshmallow is the recipe for the common s’more.

Forget everything you once knew about s’more season and replace the decadent with soft pretzel bites with a cheesy center instead.

Courtesy of Rachel Deihl

After one brave soul decided to roast pretzel bites rather the the classic s’more on social media, the post currently has nearly 6.5 thousand likes and 1 thousand comments for creativity!

Courtesy of Rachel Deihl

The chewy pretzel bites can be found at Walmart under the name Pretzilla, thanks to one commenter who also mentioned that the bag is usually located on the back bread wall!

Courtesy of Walmart

When shoved on a stick and captured by the flaming fire, this pretzel bite oozing with warm cheese looks like the twin to a burnt marshmallow before bitten into.

Coincidence? I say not.

Courtesy of Walmart

So whether you prefer the stretchy sweet center of a marshmallow or a cheesy center of a pretzel bite surrounded by baked dough and sandwiched in between two graham crackers, all is fair in fire roasting foods on a stick.

Courtesy of Walmart

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