Schools Everywhere Are Cancelling Classes Due To A New TikTok Challenge That Involves School Shootings

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I truly hate the world we live in sometimes and honestly, things like this, want me to never put my kids back into public school. Ugh.

So, today is a scary day across the country because Schools Everyone Are Cancelling Classes Due To A New TikTok Challenge That Involves School Shootings.

What is the TikTok about December 17th?

Earlier in the year, there was a series of TikTok challenges that encouraged students to do random acts of violence or do something stupid while at school. Each month had a different “challenge” which started out as a challenge to ditch school, then there was a challenge to destroy school property and now, it has morphed into a threat of violence at schools on Friday, December 17.

Why Are Schools Are Closing December 17?

Schools across the U.S. are taking these threats very seriously. After all, many of the TikTok Challenges have already been completed and acted out among students. This is causing schools across the nation to close and cancel all classes.

What Is The December 17th TikTok Challenge?

The TikTok challenge originally started as a “threat of violence” towards school and has since turned into “National Shoot Up Your School Day” according to

Nobody really knows where this started or how it originated BUT there are tons of videos online and all over social media warning kids about the threats lurking today.

Luckily, many schools across the nation were on winter/holiday break after today but this doesn’t change the fact these things are happening.


So, please, just keep your kids home today. And for the love of all things, talk to your kids and beg them to not participate in these stupid and awful TikTok Challenges. It has to stop.

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