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You Can Get A Wild Strawberry Freeze That Comes With Candy Inside at Taco Bell

YES!! Taco Bell has given us a FANTASTIC reason to leave the house (with our masks on, of course), and hit up the drive-thru (keeping that 6 feet of socially acceptable distance between you and the Taco Bell employee).

Taco Bell just came out with their Wild Strawberry Freeze, and it comes with candy pieces right inside, you guys!

Remember last spring when Taco Bell brought out their Watermelon Freeze? YUM — I sure do! It was just like summer in a cup.

This Wild Strawberry Freeze is kind of the same idea. It comes with candy “seeds” all mixed around inside this sweet Freeze, and that might be my favorite part.

Now, since it has candy pieces INSIDE the drink, I would be careful giving it to children under 4 year old. Maybe ask for it without the candy, for the little ones. We have to keep those babies safe!

You can get this limited edition Wild Strawberry Freeze RIGHT NOW in the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Don’t try to go inside, because you KNOW the dining room is closed!

A 20 ounce Wild Strawberry Freeze will run you $2.70, and it is so totally worth it!

1) You get to get out of your dang house, 2) This Wild Strawberry Freeze is BOMB, 3) You can pair it with some tasty Taco Bell food, and you will ALMOST forget that you’re stuck in quarantine!

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