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Taco Bell Is Releasing Four New Loaded Nacho Fries and OMG I Need Them All

Sorry dieters, you’ll just have to try for your summer bod next year because Taco Bell Is Releasing 4 New Loaded Nacho Fries!

Yes, FOUR.

And OMG they look so good, you’ll want to scurry over to your nearest Taco Bell to snag yourself some.

Taco Bell is releasing 4 new loaded fries: Steak Reaper Ranch Fries, Vampire Steaked Fries (feat. a new spicy-savory Vampire sauce), Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries, and Loaded Taco Fries.

Buffalo Chicken Nachos are made with “shredded chicken, nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo.”

Oh, and you can order them with a burrito for only $2.99.

The bad news is, these are only available in select cities for right now. Taco Bell is testing these out to see how much of a market need/want there is.

As you can imagine, people are already going crazy (in a good way) over these!

For right now, they are being tested in Ohio so if you need them stat, maybe make it a road trip!