You Can Get A Giant Kodak Puzzle With 51,300 Pieces

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Y’all are not going to believe what we found on Amazon. It is the world’s largest puzzle — and I mean, it’s MASSIVE!!

Courtesy of Amazon

It weighs 40 pounds, and has a whopping 51,300 puzzle pieces. Puzzle party at YOUR house!

Courtesy of Amazon

When the thing is put together, it is over 6 feet tall, and 28 feet long. I don’t even know that I could fit that in my house! Ha!

Courtesy of Amazon

In case you are thinking, “Oy! I could never do that!” Kodak has actually split this up into 27 (TWENTY SEVEN!) different puzzles, with 1,900 puzzle pieces per puzzle that all fit together. That’s MUCH more manageable, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of Amazon

You could totally do that!

Now, this puzzle isn’t cheap. But, think about it — you are getting 27 puzzles in one.

This Kodak: World’s Largest Puzzle will set you back $410 on Amazon. BUT, that is an amazing price, considering this SAME puzzle is close to $600 on other sites!

It might be $410 for the whole thing, but if you think about it, that only comes out to a little more than $15 per puzzle.

And, the puzzle is BEAUTIFUL! There are 27 different Wonders From Around the World.

I’m talking, you get the Coliseum, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, and so many more! You HAVE to check it out!

If you LOVE puzzles, this one just might be for you.

After you go check out the World’s Largest Puzzle, you have to go check out this CLEAR puzzle. It is freakin’ fantastic!

Courtesy of LittleFlowerPotShop on Etsy

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