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Here’s How You Can Make A Homemade Disinfectant Spray Using Your Live Christmas Tree

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It’s once again around that time of the year where we slowly take down our Christmas decor and the first thing to go for many, is the big tree sitting in the middle of the living room.

While most will lug the once decorated tree outside and leave it on the curb as trash, here’s how you can get the most of out of tree even after the holidays thanks to TikToker @creative_explained.

After taking down the ornaments, the shiny star at the top of the tree, and the string lights, cut off a few branches and cut them down into smaller pieces.

Stuff those smaller pieces in an airtight jar, find some vinegar and pour in a cup and a half; shut the jar tight!

Leave the jar by a sunny window for a week straight and wait.

While you wait, you’ll notice that the vinegar will extract the oils and antibacterial properties from your evergreen tree needles which will soon turn the vinegar a deep golden tint!

Make sure to strain the liquid into a spray bottle and being careful enough to not allow any debris to fall in; add in a shot of rubbing alcohol and fill the rest of the bottle with water until it’s full.

So what are you left with?

A homemade disinfectant that cleans the stove, countertops, the bathroom, floors and yes, even your mirrors; not to mention it leaves a pleasant smell that will remind you of what was Christmas of ’22.

Who knew the Christmas tree could act as decor and cleanup the messes leftover from the busy holiday season!

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