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You Can Get This Bubble Waffle Maker To Make The Perfect Bubbly Waffles At Home

Have you seen the awesome new trend to make Bubble Waffles? They are super-cool, and Amazon has made it possible for you to make this popular Street Fare at home!

Via Amazon

All over the WORLD, vendors make this yummy treat for hungry pedestrians, and I want to jump — with two feet — onto the bandwagon!

Now don’t get me wrong, they also make this cone? heap? stack? of bubbly waffle fun at restaurants, but there is just something special about getting food from a street vendor! I’m not saying it tastes better, but sometimes it just tastes better. Okay, I’m saying it.

You can totally make this delicious trend in your own kitchen! This awesome treat of bubbly perfection can’t be made without first starting with the waffle! It all begins here.

Via Amazon

You can BET I will have this Bubble Waffle Maker in my life, and in my kitchen. Thank you, Amazon!

Via Amazon

They couldn’t have made this any easier! You just plug the waffle maker in, fill the non-stick bubble surface with waffle batter, close the lid, and the GREEN LIGHT on the top will tell you when it’s done!

Via Amazon

After you take the waffle out of the maker, you get to decide — do you want to form it into a cone, or do you want to stack it up with the everything yummy you have in your kitchen?

Via Amazon

Seriously, the things you can dress this waffle up with are endless! Ice cream? Yes. Caramel? Yes. Nuts? Yes. Cookies? Yes. Put whatever you want in or or on this tasty treat!

You can even make this a savory dinner! Sweets aren’t your thing? Add some eggs, cheese, avocado, mushrooms — whatever sounds good to you!

This would be perfect for Chicken And Waffles — my husband’s favorite dish!

You can get your own Bubble Waffle Maker HERE.