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People Are Painting Old Golf Balls To Look Like Ladybugs To Place In Their Garden and I Love It

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Whether or not you have a green thumb, there is always another alternative for a greener, brighter and more attractive garden.

Whether that is painting rocks to look like flowers, or even buying solar powered daises to brighten up the space, some people are even going as far as using old golf balls to spruce up their greenery.

Courtesy of @artbyma66

To attract a certain type of insect or to simply have another excuse to bring out the paint brushes, people are posting their painted masterpieces on social media of golf balls that look like ladybugs.

Courtesy of @shayna.lee.davis

Using an empty egg carton and some black, white, and red paint, individuals are carefully painting ladybug faces on old golf balls and placing them in their garden!

Courtesy of @ramblingrosebeads

There’s no specific reason on why people are making their used golf balls to look like ladybugs, but it sure does add pizazz to any garden that may need it!

Courtesy of @kraftykarens32

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