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TikTok’s New ‘Devious Licking’ Challenge Has Teens Stealing School Property

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Those crazy youths. They are up to it again, and the stupid kids they are posting about it on TikTok.

Have you heard the term “Devious Licking?” Well, I hadn’t until today, and let me say, if my kids pull this crap they are going to regret the day.

Devious Licking is a little bit of a confusing term.

The first thing I thought of when I heard the term was those geniuses who go to the store, open a carton of ice cream, and lick it.

But, nope. That wasn’t it.

The next thing I thought it meant was maybe that youths are licking people and pretending to have COVID.

Uh-uh. Not even close.

Devious licking refers to the practice of stealing pertinent and important things from your school.

A “Lick” is a successful thievery attempt, and it garners the person a valuable piece of their school that they can then display all over TikTok.

Licks have included things like hand sanitizer stations, paper towel dispensers, Caution Wet Floor signage, entire water fountains, and entire sinks — basically, they are stealing and vandalizing whatever they can get their hands on.

The trend has become such a problem that there are schools that have had to close bathrooms completely, because kids were stealing all the things.

How in the heck does this even work in the real world. A kid just walks into class with an entire water fountain, and the teacher doesn’t say a thing? I don’t understand this at all.

Are the kids so entitled that they can get away with anything, literally, without as much as a spank on the hand?

I’m legit baffled. I really am rendered speechless.

I can’t believe I just had to have a conversation with my kids (14 and 10) about not stealing objects from their school. They have enough sense not to do it anyway, but it is apparently a subject that we have to talk through with our kids.

So, I guess I’m telling you to be aware that it is going on. Have those conversations with your kids about respect and the difference between right and wrong.

I can’t believe I just had to tell you that.

If you want to see it for yourself, go to TikTok, and search the hashtag, #deviiouslick. (with 2 i’s)

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