Walmart Is Selling Cinnabon Frozen Pastries And I Can’t Decide Which Sweet Treat I Want To Try First

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Cinnabon has an entire new sweet line of frozen products just in time for the upcoming cold months, so you can pair the sweet treats with a cup of hot chocolate.

fresh baked homemade cinnamon rolls glazed with classic cream cheese, traditional cinnabons home baking

Personally, I have yet to meet one person who dislikes the cinnamon pastry. My one friend even put a meat patty in between two thick slices of Cinnabons.

I know, gross right, but that’s how far people are willing to go for the cinnamon baked good.


The new sweet items are Frosting Filled CinnaPastry, Caramel Pecan Ooey Gooey Rolls, and Frosted CinnaSweet Swirls. I’m still deciding which pastry I want to try first but who says I can’t buy all three and try one big ultimate bite all together!


You can get the frozen pastries currently at Walmart and each box contains a different amount of baked goods, but the same amount of sweet cinnamon goodness.


I’m looking forward to meeting the frozen aisle at Walmart once again.


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