5 Ways To Combat Loneliness

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Loneliness can be an awful existence in which to reside. Sometimes it feels like there is no getting out of your four walls. Sometimes you feel trapped in your head. I totally get that.

I have had to really work at connecting with others, and not letting myself fall into that place where it feels like there is no return.

I totally get it.

BUT, it is so important that you make that effort to reach out and conquer that loneliness.

5 Ways To Combat Loneliness

1) Make that phone call.

I’ll tell you, as a total introvert, I get not wanting to talk on the phone. There are about eleventy seven other things I’d rather do than have an uncomfortable chat, full of excruciating lulls in the conversation and mental scrambling to fill those breaks in conversation.

TRUST ME, I get it!!

BUT, it is important to connect, especially if you are feeling those pangs of loneliness.

Just reach out; get some human connection. You could call a relative to check in, or you could call a friend just to say hello. You don’t have to talk for long. Just connect.

2) Hit up your local animal shelter.

Pets can do WONDERS for loneliness. If you don’t have a little furry BFF, go get one!!

I don’t care if you get a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or even a turtle or iguana. Get whatever suits your fancy, whatever can keep you company.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your new fur (or furLESS, as the case may be) baby. That’s part of the fun of having a pet! Develop that relationship that can only occur between a pet and their human.

3) Get a penpal.

You may have seen the posts going around on Facebook. There are some assisted living complexes that are looking for penpals for their residents. This is to help combat the intense loneliness that can come from being cooped up by yourself.

There is NOTHING stopping you from getting a penpal. There are even whole websites dedicated to pairing two people together across written letters.

ALWAYS BE CAREFUL, and never give out your personal information! BUT, having a penpal can be a rewarding and fun experience. Get some paper, a nice pen, and some stamps, and get to writing!

4) Focus outwardly.

Focus on others, instead of just living in your own head. I know, that is WAY easier said than done.

You can do this pretty effortlessly on social media, on the phone with a friend, or even in your neighborhood. Listen to others with intent.

Really listen to what others are saying and going through, instead of thinking of the next thing you are going to say.

Just the act of focusing on someone or something other than yourself can do wonders!!

5) Learn a new hobby or take on a new project.

Okay, this might sound a little crazy, but learning something new can give you a sense of purpose, and that purpose can really boost your feelings of self worth.

Once you feel better about yourself, you will be AMAZED how much easier it is to do the first 4 things on the list to combat loneliness!

I understand feeling lonely. I get feeling depressed, and like you have nowhere to turn and noone to talk to.

I know it’s hard. Sometimes the LAST thing you want to do is make an effort to connect, but friend, it is SO important!

Baby steps. One foot in front of the other. You got this.

** I am NOT an expert. These are just things I have found to be useful. There is NOTHING wrong with seeking professional help and advice if you think you might need it.

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