Krispy Kreme Released Monster Doughnuts and They Are SPOOKY GOOD

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Krispy Kreme, I think… no, I KNOW…I love you!

They have come out with their Halloween doughnuts, and I am on my way to get them all!

Via Krispy Kreme

There are THREE new doughnuts just for Halloween, and they look so stinkin’ delicious.

I’m just going to need a minute before I tell you about these doughnuts. I’m savoring the thought of how good they sound!

Via Krispy Kreme

This iced doughnut is filled with CAKE BATTER! The it is dipped in yellow icing and dusted with orange sugar. They swirl it with icing, and decorate it scary-cute!

It’s almost too cute to eat. ALMOST.

Via Krispy Kreme

Slimon is an Original Glazed® doughnut, filled with LEMON “slime filling.” He is dipped in a Halloween green and swirled with yellow frosting.

I want a bite right now!

Via Krispy Kreme

This yummy mummy is an Original Glazed® doughnut, wrapped in a wicked-purple icing.

I’ll take a dozen!

I want a doughnut so bad!!

Here is a happy bonus. If you go into participating stores on October 31 wearing a costume, you get a free doughnut of your choice!!

Want to make your own spooky donuts? This vampire donut is so spooky sweet!

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