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Every Parent Can Relate to This Video Showing Prince Louis Acting Like Your Typical 4-Year-Old

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The Royals. They are just like us.

Okay, maybe not. But, it’s refreshing to see that they have those parenting moments gone wrong, just like we all do.

Solidarity, AMIRITE?!?

Recently, Prince Louis was caught being a total 4 year old, and I think every parent out there can relate.

Ah, kids. They say and do some of the funniest things.

Unless you are their parent. If you are their parent, kids can be a bit of an embarrassing nightmare.

Even if you are royal.

Take the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for example.

The world just got to be a part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It was kind of a big deal.

One thing overshadowed the Queen’s moment in time, and that was her grandson, Prince Louis.

Prince Louis Is Just Like Every Other 4 Year Old

The Jubilee may be over, but the internet is still in love with Prince Louis.

This kid plays a 4 year old extremely well.

Side Note: He kind of reminds me of a young Prince Harry. You see it, right?

Prince Louis is the youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He is also apparently quite a handful.

Royals are raised to act a certain way, and it’s hilarious that Prince Louis is ignoring that training in the funniest way possible.

On Thursday, part of the Jubilee festivities included a ceremonial flyover at Buckingham Palace in the queen’s honor.

Yep. Prince Louis was on the balcony with his family — including the Queen — for the flyover tribute.

What does this kid do? He screams and covers his ears as the jets fly by. LOL!!

On Sunday, Prince Louis was at it again. This time the 4 year old hilarity broke out as the royal family watched the closing Jubilee Pageant pass by.

There is video of Prince Louis covering his mom’s mouth — I assume she was gently reprimanding him.

Y’all. He sticks his tongue out at her, and waves with his hands in her direction. Ha!!

Prince Louis also sticks his open hand, thumb first, on his nose — in that way we all did when we were little.

What parent hasn’t been there?!? Bored kids make for funny moments — as long as you aren’t the parent.

I love this kid!!

During the Pageant, Prince Louis was caught “Roaring” — like a lion — during the processional.

This little guy stole the whole stinkin’ show! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us as he grows up.

You can see a video of Prince Louis being his 4-year-old-self HERE.

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