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2 People Were Rescued After Falling Into A Chocolate Tank and It Sounds Like Something From Willy Wonka

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Two workers at a M&M Mars factory got in a bit of a sticky situation, and had to be saved by rescuers.

The details are sparse, but two people working at the Mars M&M factory in Pennsylvania fell into a vat of chocolate, and got stuck. They were unable to get out without some serious help.

Is anyone else getting Augustus Gloop vibes going on?

Unlike Augustus Gloop, who got sucked up out of the lake of chocolate in Willy Wonka’s Factory, these two workers had to be cut out of the partially filled tank of chocolate.

Fire crews have eliminated pulling them straight out of a tank — They have to cut a hole in the side of the tank to get them out.

Brad Wolfe, communications supervisor for Lancaster County 911 dispatch

Nobody knows exactly how they fell into the tank of chocolate. That is a mystery.

However, it was bad enough that both workers had to be transported to the hospital.

One went by ambulance, and one actually had to be airlifted in a helicopter.

No injuries were reported. I’m guessing that if someone had to be airlifted, it was more than just a bump and a bruise.

According to Insider, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is actively investigating the incident, and they have 6 months to complete their investigation. Their findings will be available to the public at the conclusion of the examination.

A Mars Wrigley spokesperson said they were managing the situation and are “extremely grateful for the quick work of the first responders.”


Here’s hoping these workers are okay, and that they haven’t lost their love of chocolate.

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