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Llama & Cactus Shaped Marshmallows That Taste Like Fruit Exist and I’m Stocking Up

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We love flavored marshmallows at my house! They are a fun quick sweet snack! They are also great in fruit dips or added to other desserts. These new Llama & Cactus shaped Jet-Puffed Marshmallows are just what I need to make summer a little more enjoyable.


Jet-Puffed Marshmallows are the brand I always tend to pick up when we need marshmallows. We do love to make s’mores, especially in the fall.

However, I doubt that we would add these new marshmallows into our s’more making because they are fruity flavored. I mean, sometimes fruit and chocolate go together, I’m just not sure that a s’more is the appropriate route for these new marshmallows.


The Llama and Cactus Marshmallows come in different colors that match up with the fruit flavor that they are. Yellow is lemon, green is lime, orange is well…orange, and of course pink is strawberry!

Instagram users have posted that they have found them at Walmart so far! Have you spotted them anywhere yet? How would you use them besides snacking on?


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