The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

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I love my family and I love my animals, I really do. But what I don’t love is all the dust that accumulates in my home from all of us just living in it. Dust is like an unwanted house guest you just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many hints you throw at it stating they are unwelcome. So for the sake of clean homes everywhere, today I am talking about The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free.


The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Before you can truly keep your home dust-free you’ve got to understand what dust really is!

Dust is an accumulation of skin cells (yup, we all shed them), pet hair, human hair, lint (cloth fibers from laundry, etc.), and so much more. This accumulates around your home over time and if you don’t clean your home regularly, you will see it just about everywhere.

So now that we know what dust truly is, we can find ways to lessen the load of dust and have an overall clean home. Here are some of my favorite ways to do just that:

Install quality air filters- Air filters are a must-have. They are what keep all the dust, pollen, and allergens to a minimum. Make sure your air filter is of quality and will last several months. You can also use a free standing air purifier to boost the air in your home. Tip: You can also add a few drops of essential oils onto your filters to boost health benefits and keep your home smelling fresh.

Keep pets groomed- As I mentioned, dust is made up of pet dander. Keeping your pets clean and groomed regularly can help cut down on all that dust.

Wash fabrics regularly- Take a quick look around your home. My guess is, you have an abundant supply of blankets, pillows, drapes, clothes, etc. All of which collect dust. Keeping these washed and clean regularly again help with keeping dust away.

Vacuum more often- When is the last time you vacuumed your floors, couch, chairs, etc.? If you said more than a day or two, think of all that dust just lying around…YUCK! Personally, I vacuum daily but at least every other day is recommended especially if you have kids and pets.

Eliminate clutter- This time of the year is when a yard sale sounds like such a great idea. Go through your home from top to bottom and if an item isn’t being used (or hasn’t in the last 6 months) get rid of it. All of the space unwanted items take up, just make more areas for dust to accumulate and sit stagnate. Free the clutter and free the dust too!The Best Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free2

Choose quality cleaning products- A good cleaner goes a long way. Choosing products that effectively remove dust and allergens from furniture and other items around your home is a huge step in the dust-free process. Having one that smells great too is always a bonus.

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