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A Former Barista Just Shared A Trick To Getting As Much Caffeine In Your Coffee As Possible and It’s Genius

If you find yourself searching for more caffeine midday even after drinking your morning coffee at Starbucks heads up; a former barista has just the hack.

A previous article from Business Insider has recently resurfaced after a barista from Starbucks revealed the secret for getting the most caffeine in your coffee cup.

Ordering a Venti sized coffee is the first thought that comes to mind when wanting as much as coffee as possible but if you haven’t heard, a Grande and a Venti actually share the same amount of espresso shots.

Still not convinced? Take it from Starbucks nutrition facts which confirm that both a Grande and a Venti come in at 150 milligrams of caffeine.

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The former Barista explained that the easiest way to get around the truth is to order a Venti iced coffee which serves three shots of espresso or, to simply ask for an extra shot of caffeine.

For all the busy bees, the nine to fivers and for those who simply need caffeine to be a normal human, if you’re looking for extra caffeine in your coffee order, take copious notes.