This Is The Best Time To Water Your Lawn According To Experts

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A vibrant green looking lawn in the spring and summertime is a big pet peeve for many, as we all strive to have the best lawn on the block when the weather starts to get hot.

For most, a set timer on the sprinkler takes care of the dirty work but considering the environmental conditions that can affect your lawn such as heat, humidity, and rain, a timer on a small sprinkler just doesn’t cut it.

(pun intended)

According to Peter Landschoot, PhD, a professor of turfgrass science at Penn State University, finding the sweet spot is key.

Watering your lawn in the early morning before 9 am or at night if you missed the morning, are the best times to water your lawn to make each blade of grass happy and healthy.

“In the morning, the sun is at a low angle, it’s cool, and more water gets to the plant roots,” says Landschoot. “If you wait until afternoon, water ends up on the leaf surface and evaporates, and the root systems shut down in the heat and cannot take up water efficiently.”

Peter Landschoot

Keep in mind that watering your lawn everyday is also not recommended and when it is time to water, water deeply according to the Home & Garden Information Center.

You only need to water your lawn when you notice these three things:

  • If the grass turns bluish-green
  • Leaf blades are wilting
  • Footprints remain after walking on the lawn

After all, a bright green lawn in the summer is easy on the eyes.

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