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Los Angles Has Just Opened a Tiny House Village for the Homeless

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The city of Los Angles has done a deed all major cities should accomplish and that is, housing the homeless.

Courtesy of Lehrer Architects

A colorful village of 40 tiny homes has had the opportunity to open in Los Angles to house the homeless for people that are currently living on the streets!

Courtesy of Lehrer Architects

While each 64-foot square unit home can only hold up to one or two people at once, the mission as a whole is trying to solve the cities biggest crisis which is homelessness.

Courtesy of Lehrer Architects

Officially named the Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village, these tiny homes were designed and built in just 13 weeks, located in North Hollywood according to a press release.

Courtesy of @Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Since their grand opening in the beginning of the month and managed by the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, this tiny home village is already filled to capacity.

Courtesy of @hopeofthevalley

Let’s just say my heart is also filled to capacity considering there are currently hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless today and Los Angles is trying to change that number!

Courtesy of @hopeofthevalley

Each colorful home is similar to a small apartment, (excluding a few rooms) which include two beds, heat and air-conditioning, windows, a small desk, electrical outlets, and of course, a front door.

Courtesy of @hopeofthevalley

Similar to an apartment complex, there are also shared laundry services, dining, meet and greet areas, play areas for pets, showers, restrooms, and even some storage options.

Courtesy of @hopeofthevalley

To make this mission even more wholesome than it already is, mental health, job training, and placement services will also be provided to all residents!

Courtesy of @hopeofthevalley

What’s unique about this village is that it not only has the same look and feel as the tiny home trend, but it also features a striking color palette featuring blue, red, yellow, and white homes that make it feel like you’re walking into Venice, Italy.

Courtesy of Hope of the Valley

The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is certainly not finished with their mission just yet, and have revealed their plan to work towards opening a larger tiny home village in Alexandria Park, Los Angeles coming this April.

The new community will have 103 homes and 200 beds to fill!

Courtesy of @lehrerarchitects

We can certainly all learn a thing or two from North Hollywood, Los Angles.

All other major cities, take copious notes!

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