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Eggo Is Releasing Stuffed Pancake Bites That Ooze With Chocolate

Eggo has successfully achieved world domination when it comes down to breakfast and now, they’re taking it a step further by combining breakfast and dessert! 

Courtesy of @eggo_us

Kellogg’s is launching an intriguing dessert, I mean breakfast food, and it involves pancake batter and chocolate. 

Courtesy of @eggo_us

Prepare to schedule this new savory sweet treat during your morning breakfast schedule! 

Courtesy of @eggo_us

Here’s introducing Eggo Stuffed Chocolate Pancake Bites!

Courtesy of @eat-yums

In a confirmation with Delish, Kellogg’s has stated that their newest invention will be coming out this year, so try not to drool in the meantime as you wait patiently in the grocery store freezer aisle. 

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Round breakfast bites that are coated in pancake batter and stuffed with chocolate filling is all you need to get the kids out of bed on the weekend! 

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We’re assuming chocolate will most likely be a fan favorite but that won’t be the only flavor stocked in freezer aisles. 

So prepare to be on the lookout for fruity flavors including Strawberry and Apple that will also be made with real fruit!  

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While we don’t have more details on the exact date these breakfast bites will release, you can count on April of this year confirmed by Kelloggs. 

Courtesy of Wild In The Aisles

The 10.5 ounce box includes 18 delicious pancake bites that will ooze chocolate or fruity flavors depending on which flavor you choose at the grocery store! 

Courtesy of Fueled By Munchies

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