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You Can Plant Roses That Look Like A Creamsicle and They Are Gorgeous

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I know with the frigid icy temperatures covering most of the United States it’s hard to believe that Spring will be along soon. It’s time to start making plans!

If you want to add some summery color to your yard this year, these roses are gorgeous! The colors remind us of a creamsicle!

FloridaSeedShack – Etsy

I was trying to track down the actual name and it seems like they are called Andre Willemse Tea Roses. This is a rose hybrid and I love the way it looks!

sy.parrish – Instagram

I’ve also found it referred to as a Citrus Splash Rose, which is completely fitting as a name!

rene8aa – Instagram

No matter what you call them, they sure are beautiful!

ginger.ale.fiend – Instagram

You can order the seeds to start the process now so that they will be ready for planting in the spring.

ginger.ale.fiend – Instagram

Looking at these images has made me super excited for summer! Well, that and the amount of snow and ice outside… brrrr! I’m sure I’ll be complaining about the heat soon enough.

lizasouras – Instagram

We found the seeds being sold by FloridaSeedShack on Etsy. They have them listed as Rose Renee and you can buy the seeds in quantities of 20 to 2000!

ginger.ale.fiend – Instagram

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