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Now That Brian Laundrie, Fiance of Gabby Petito Is Missing, You Can’t Convince Me He’s Innocent

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Things just seem to be getting crazier by the minute in regards to the disappearance of Gabby Petito.

People across the US are trying to piece together the puzzle to find out where Gabby is but not, people have another person to be looking for – Brian Laundrie, Gabby’s fiance.

Yep – as of a few hours ago, Brian is now missing too.

And all I can say is, now that he is missing too, you cannot tell me he’s not guilty.

Moab PD

I know that evidence hasn’t been presented and at the time before Brian’s disappearance, he was only announced to be a person of interest.



An innocent person does not drive home in their fiance’s van without the said fiance and then not make a missing person’s report.

An innocent person who once called their fiance the “love of their life” does not act normally when they hear their fiance is missing.


An innocent person does not immediately lawyer up and refuse to speak to police.

An innocent person does not just go missing days after things seem to get far more complicated in the disappearance of their fiance.

Like, if you did nothing wrong and were concerned about your loved one, why not just cooperate and assist in finding them?

I just don’t get it.


I truly think he ran because he is guilty. He ran because he knows where Gabby is or what happened to her.

You cannot convince me that he didn’t do something bad.

Honestly, just watching the body cam footage from when he and Gabby were pulled over prior to her disappearance, gives me all sorts of creepy vibes.

He seems like a total creep and Gabby seemed like she was scared of something – probably him.


I truly hope that for the sake of Gabby and her family, I am wrong but I just have a feeling that he did something bad to her and he ran because he couldn’t face what he did and knew it was only a matter of time before they stacked evidence against him to arrest him.

So, what do you think? Is Brian guilty? Or is something else at work here?

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  1. My opinion is that he was already accused, tried and convicted in the publics eye to begin with. My opinion is the 2 dead bodies, near where this all happened, that was shot, is all connected to this .My opinion is that whoever made that 911 call about the domestic violence should have been interrogated as well.It was said the 2 incidents were not connected, but how not ? I think it’s possible Brian didn’t do it,but already convicted in the public eye and now running scared. How many people are on death row or has been sentenced to death for something they did not do?

  2. I believe he did something to her and is hiding because he killed her and knows where her body is at. I also think he could have possibly brought her body back to Florida where he is hiding at and hid her and is there with her.

    1. @Missy Joe,
      This clearly didn’t happen because her body was found in the national forest in Wyoming.

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