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The New Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Can Charge Itself and Now I Want One

Electric cars have been the recent trend everyone is trying to get their hands on, especially due to rising gas prices.

And considering the new and electric Ford-150 can charge on its own, this new feature has everyone in a frenzy to grab one of their own.

With a bi-directional charging capability, allowing the truck’s battery pack to be used as an energy source for other electrical equipment, the Ford F-150 Lightning is an outstanding electrical truck.

After the launch in May, several testers decided to see what would happen when the F-150 Lightning’s charging cable was plugged into its own 240-volt outlet.

And as it turns out, the truck can charge itself, but not in the way you might be thinking.

While the charging process could technically continue for about 150 hours, there’s a 12% waste of energy according to Car and Driver.

So while you can add it to the list of things its competition of cars can’t do, taking advantage of this technical loophole might not be the best.

So in other words, nix the gas and grab electric!