You Can Get Coca-Cola Tic Tacs And They Taste Like The Real Deal

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Mint and Coca-Cola are not a usual combination that I would put together, but this just works!

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Tic Tacs made with Coca-Cola, are here for a limited time, and I can’t help but throw them right in my Target cart!

Courtesy of Target

When I think of Tic Tacs, I can’t help but think of the ORANGE Tic Tacs from the movie Juno. Please tell me you’ve seen it. I can’t be THAT old.

BUT, these Coca-Cola Tic Tacs might just be my new obsession on the crazy-flavor front!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good Tic Tac? They are so just so cute and little, but pack a HUGE punch of flavor on the taste buds that is just so PERFECT.

For a limited time, Tic Tac has teamed with Coca-Cola to bring us these little Coca-Cola Tic Tac mints.

Do you like Coca-Cola Icees? Then you will LOVE these little mints!

They taste just like you have cracked open a bottle of ice-chilled Coca-Cola. So refreshing!

I know from experience, you can get these little flavor bombs right in the aisles — or at the register — at Target. You can also buy them online here.

They are easy to spot, because the package has that SIGNATURE Coca-Cola red color. They also proclaim to the world, “Made With Coca-Cola” in the upper left corner.

You better get them FAST, because they will not be here forever, and this is ONE flavor you DO NOT want to miss out on!

Have you tried them? We would love to hear what you think about these Coca-Cola Tic Tacs.

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