Target’s Mermaid Icee Is Everything You Need While Shopping

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I’ll admit, I typically bribe my kids to be good by telling them they can have an icee before we leave Target. But now that Target is selling a Mermaid Icee, I think I’ll go without them and just treat myself! LOL!

Yes, Target has a Mermaid Icee and it’s everything you need while shopping!

The official Icee account on Instagram posted a series of six pictures that create the Mermaid ICEE and it looks amazing!

The cup is covered in a colorful, scaly tail. The flavor is described as “mixed berry” with a combination of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry flavors.

Plus, it looks like it has some sort of sprinkles or “rocks” on top (perhaps, nerds?)

Honestly, this has to be the best frozen treat of the summer!

By the way, I bet it’d totally taste good with a bit of vodka in it (take one home and give it a try!)

While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up the mermaid fanny pack cooler too so you can complete your Mermaid look!

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