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Target is Selling $6 Mermaid Fanny Pack Coolers And I Have to Have One!

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Are fanny packs making a comeback? I think so!

Last Summer I wore a pink camouflage fanny pack during my yard sale and was totally laughed at but guess who’s laughing now? ME!

Because Target is Selling $6 Mermaid Fanny Pack Coolers and it Looks Like Fanny Packs Are Back!

These fanny packs are totally fashionable featuring an Iridescent mermaid design.

Not only are they perfect for storing your phone, wallet, and keys so your hands-free this summer, they also double as a cooler!

Store that canned wine or beer in there and be on your way!

These are already selling like hot cakes so you want to hurry and gets yours. If you can’t find them online, check your local Target.

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