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This Faux Witches Brew Starbucks Cup Is The Perfect Halloween Decor For The Person Who Loves Coffee

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Halloween is going to be here before we know it and I cannot WAIT to start decorating! And what better way for a Starbucks lover to start planning out their decor than with an actual Witches Brew Starbucks Drink Decor!?! (Maybe a little bit of a cool breeze so this scalding hot weather can go away…but that’s not the point!)


Krafting Korner has an absolutely adorable Etsy store with some incredibly adorable seasonal decor that uses a lot of Starbucks inspired pieces that I really want to get my hands on!

This Witches Brew Starbucks Cup decor piece really stood out to me because of what a hit the actual Frappuccino was! Were you able to get your hands on this limited edition drink?


It may have looked as though it was going to have a grape flavor, but believe it or not, this actually tastes like an orange creamsicle…talk about a surprise! It also had chia seeds which gave me a bit of a texture issue on my taste buds, but hey, it was pretty.


I mean, look at it! It’s so beautiful! Making this drink was so much fun for me because the outcome was just so awesome! It was also super hilarious when I had a customer ask if we actually were putting bat pieces in our drink, and he was serious!


So it only makes sense to turn this super memorable drink into an actual decor item that you can enjoy year round! (Or only on Halloween if you’re that type of person.)

I would love to have some of my favorite Starbucks drinks made into a forever decor piece that I could always have with me! And with how pretty this drink is, it seems only right to have it as a Halloween decorative piece!


But don’t worry, if you’re looking for something a little more summery or pumpkin spice-y, not to worry! Krafting Korner has SO many options! From honey, to pumpkins, to lemons, they decor is absolutely adorable!


And if you’re looking for another Starbucks inspired fall decor piece, look no further! They have Pumpkin Spice decor! So if you are tired of seeing your favorite drink go away every year before you are ready, get one to keep with you at all times!


Which decor theme is your favorite? I’m torn between quite a few, but Krafting Korner seems to cover all the bases when it comes to seasonal Starbucks decor! Be sure to check it out here!


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