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Bacardi Released New Flavored Canned Rum Cocktails And I Need Them All

I was so excited last year when Bacardi introduced the Real Run Canned Cocktails.

They first came out offering three flavors which were Rum Punch, Lime & Soda, and Limon & Lemonade.


For this summer they added 3 more flavors and I am so excited to try them, it’s getting hot out there and I sure could use some boozy refreshments!

The new flavors of the Bacardi Real Rum Canned Cocktails are:

  • Bahama Mama
  • Mojito
  • Sunset Punch

Looks like I will need to make a trip to the store to stock up on all 6 flavors!


The launch of BACARDí Real Rum Canned Cocktails last year far exceeded our expectations, and with the popularity of the Rum Punch flavor in particular, we wanted to expand our range with more full-flavored options. We have seen people consistently reach for canned cocktails this past year, whether they are looking for light, crisp serves like the Lime & Soda or something bright and fruity like the Rum Punch.

Lisa Pfenning, vice president, BACARDí North America, said in a press release

The Bahama Mama flavor is a mix of orange, red berries, and pineapple and sounds like it might be a new favorite for me.

The Mojito is zesty lime with mint, such a refreshing combination!

Sunset Punch has the flavors of blood orange, lemon, with ginger.

It’s as simple as grabbing one from the refrigerator or cooler and popping that can open!

Nothing else to prepare, just buy them, chill them, and drink them!

You can pick up these canned Bacardí drinks at your favorite local liquor stores and even some grocery stores.

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