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You Can Get An IT Starbucks Cup And Now I Am Ready For Halloween

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I LOVE Starbucks! And I LOVE Halloween! So put the two together and I AM sold!

One of the BEST movies to watch during the fall season to get you all amped up for Halloween is IT. And if you have seen it, you’ll understand why.


So what better way to commemorate this spooky season than with your very own IT themed Starbucks cup? (seriously, if you have suggestions, I am totally listening!)


This amazing cup comes from Enchanted Craft World, an incredible Etsy store full of creative and customized Starbucks cups!

So if IT isn’t for you, don’t worry, they have a TON of other options!


But back to this IT cup, because I can’t get over how intricate the details are with it! From every angle, this cup is so well made and beautiful, I just can’t get over it!


From the bedazzled lid, to the creepy clown face, they have caught all of the details. They even put poor Georgie’s boat in the mix. Whether you like the movie or not, you have to admit, this cup is pretty awesome!


The only bad thing I have to say is that these cups are going FAST. They are already low in stock, and although I am sure they will add more ASAP, you may want to run, not walk, to grab yourself one so you have it in time for the best time of the year!


If looking at Pennywise is a little too much for you (which I don’t blame you!), there’s some adorable Halloween cups that don’t include anything scary at all!


I happen to love this candy corn colored cup! Although I feel like I may be the only person on the planet that actually looks forward to eating candy corn. I don’t see what everyone’s problem with it, I love the taste of it!


But back to the it cups, they have stainless steel cup options too! And more than one at that!


Whether you’re up for a spooky cup these season or something a little more mild, I think it’s safe to say that this Etsy store can supply your needs when it comes to getting yourself a new Starbucks cup! Be sure to check them out!


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