These Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits Come Complete With Icing and I Want Some Now

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Move over butter biscuits, there’s something sweeter in town. Cue the choir of Angels singing.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

Pillsbury has these new Blueberry or Chocolate Sweet Biscuits with Icing, and my taste buds just shouted a resounding Thank You of joy!

Courtesy of Pillsbury

Each can of these Sweet Biscuits comes with EIGHT rolls — er, biscuits — and enough icing to drizzle on top! Ya’ll. That Icing. I could lick it STRAIGHT out of the container!

Courtesy of Pillsbury

These have been spotted at SEVERAL stores, including Target and Walmart. Each can is around $1.50, so you may as well get two of each!

This isn’t your typical biscuit that you’d eat with your chicken and stuffing — although, the blueberry might be a nice flavor combination with the sweet of the biscuit, and the savory of the chicken. YUM!

This is more of a dessert that you can eat after just about any meal. OR — I’m not here to judge — eat it BEFORE the meal as a pre-dinner snack. An amuse-bouche, if you will.

However you choose to eat them, they are sure to be a HIT at an meal. Seriously — LOOK at that frosting!

Have you tried Walmart pickup yet? GURL. It changed my life! See if it is available in your area, and JUMP, with both feet, onto that bandwagon. Then, you don’t even have to go inside the store to get these yummy Sweet Biscuits.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

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