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You Can Now Get A Funko POP! That Looks Just Like You

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If you know anyone who’s a fan of Funko POP! figures, listen up!

These are a must-have for any Funko POP! collector, and they are stinkin’ adorable.


You can find your “Pop!pleganger” by customizing a Funko POP! figurine to look just like you, and you have to check this out.

Like, seriously, you can customize a Funko POP! figurine for your BFF, and this might just be the best gift ever.


Make Your Very Own Fully Customized Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure Online Today! Create Your Unique Collectible of Yourself or a Loved One With Pop! Yourself.

Funko POP!

Making one of these Funko POP! Pop!plegangers is super easy.

You just answer a series of questions — Body Color, Eye Color, Lashes / No Lashes, Clothing Color, etc — and the site will build a customized Funko POP! figurine to your specifications.


Seriously, I just spent entirely too much time making Pop!plegangers for everyone in my family.

Merry Christmas to them!


Y’all, they are only $30!! Run and get one of these unique Funko POP! gifts for everyone on your holiday gift list.

To get your own Funko POP! Pop!pleganger, just head on over to the Funko website.


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