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People Are Making Holiday Wreaths With Starbucks Cups and I Love It

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I love creative holiday crafts and this one takes it to the next level for coffee lovers!


People Are Making Holiday Wreaths With Starbucks Cups and I Love It!


Seriously, think of how many times you visit Starbucks especially during the holidays.

So, in just a few trips you could have enough cups (save and rinse them out of course) to make these festive Starbucks cup wreaths!


Maybe even if you ask nicely, you could ask your local Starbucks for some new cups!

So, once you have your cups, you are going to attach them together which you can even do by stapling them next to each other or use hot glue.


Once you have a full circle, you can attach a bow on the top and even some ribbon and hang where ever you want to show off your Starbucks cup wreath!


Not going to lie, I think it looks cute. Plus, it’s make a cute and inexpensive holiday gift for any Starbucks coffee lover!!


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