This Map Shows You Where To Find The Best Holiday Light Displays Near You

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Every year, thousands of homes race to put up their Christmas lights and secretly, it is a large competition to see who has the better lights.

If you currently don’t live near a home that decks out their house with 50,000 lights, there’s a social networking service that can help you find homes with extravagant Christmas lights.

Nextdoor is a platform where you can connect with your local community that is basically like a guide to help find homes that transform into winter wonderlands during the holidays.

According to the app, 270,000 neighborhoods around the world including the U.S., where one in every four households have Nextdoor accounts.

Courtesy of Nextdoor

Here’s How It Works:

If you currently live in a neighborhood that uses the app, you can utilize their “Cheer Map” to find holiday displays near you!

Your neighbors or houses around the area have the option of marking their home alerting Nextdoor users know which homes have put up their holiday lights for the year, cool right?


The best part is that this app is free to download. Just follow the Christmas lights to see a winter wonderland near you!


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